Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nothing but Nothing Compares to My King

No one on earth can ever deserve the Honor more than the Honor that my King deserves. So each day bring an offering to Our King. Your Life, as the World sees you. Offer Him Yourself and if you feel you aren't worthy then ask Him to help you do just that. Be what He wants you to be. The reason you are here. The reason you are who you are. The specialty He gave you. Use it for His glory each day. Bring an Offering to Him each day. Before you speak, before you act, before you do, think, how can I do it for His glory? How can I say it for His glory?

Ask yourself, how much time do I spend for Him each day. Does His Word live in you, maybe just a little? Do you carry Him with you in your pocket, in your car, in your mind. How much time do you spend on making His love your ultimate goal with someone else your wife, your family, your friends? How much of you do you give and how much are you receiving? Which is greater? What do you live for? What are your expectations from Him? What books are you reading? Who are your friends? In what ways do you give back to the God who supports your every breath? How much time you spend to get to know Him more than other things?

Time is running out. You can't ignore what's happening in the World and say this was not already spoken of by the Prophets. How much mind boggling disasters have to happen before you realize that Satan rules the world. You don't have become part of the end, you can become part of the future. Yes, I mean eternity. You know, that future God spoke of to Abraham. The world belongs to my King and he's coming back for it, just like he said. He died and came back from death, just like He said. Just to prove to you, without a doubt, that He was sent by His father and everything He did was in obedience to the Father. Because He was obedient and glorified the Father he rose above the World and conquered death. Because of His obedience every knee will bow and tong shall confess he is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and for Him there shall be no end.

You have the opportunity now to confess you sins to Him, to ask Him to come into your life, to turn from your sins. Then and only then when you repent, and ask for forgiveness, will your life become meaningful and full of love and glory for Him. Most of our lives we try to run so fast and run so strong, only to obtain, that which can be taken away. If you will admit to yourself that we all want to be winners here. You know, the only safe place to run is into the arms of God. What he gives to you, no one can take away.

Ask Him now. Find a Bible based church close to where you are right now, don't wait. Fall on your knees right where you are, right NOW, Ask Him, tell Him you didn't know or understand, tell him he is King of Kings, and ask him to be your King. Ask him to take over your life, Give it to Him willingly. He WILL Honor your request. Let us know, post a comment here. Time is short and you may not be here in an hour, look what happened to the World Trade Towers. There is more on the way. Don't wait, He said, I have a future for you and a place and a reason for you that far exceeds your expectations because He loves you. He'll take you to a place you never dreamed of and it will be better than you could ever do on your own. Become part of a 2.1 billion people family, the largest group in the world.




Come all you who are weary, all you who are heavy laden, my yoke is light and easy. Ask Him now!!! He'll take your burden and heal you, He'll give you life. A life worth living for, forever, There's nothing better,

Come just as you are.

Come to Jesus Christ our Lord of Lords and King of Kings


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